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    This is, in fact, the most important post on the internet.

    Every male should be required to read this.


    the most perfect post. 

    This is marvelous and I very much want this to be a YouTube video so that it can be more easily digestible.

    But I will point out that you’re not going to get toxic shock syndrome because you leave your tampon in for an extra 3 minutes. Toxic shock is a rare disease and the chances of getting it can be increased by the prolonged use of tampons. Incidence is about 0.003% per year of tampon-using women. (That’s roughly the murder rate in the US…though, to be clear, for all people, whether or not they use tampons)

    In other words…you do not have a time bomb ticking in your crotch. Toxic shock is rare, but be aware of the symptoms just in case.

    (Source: tom-sits-like-a-whore)

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    A Cupid's Quarrel Chapter 12: Owner of a Lonely Heart, a csi: miami fanfic | FanFiction

    For those who were reading, I updated the story I abandoned 2 years ago. I have ACTUALLY FINISHED the entire fanfic and will be posting an update to it every week. So, you don’t need to worry about me checking out on you again! =).


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    jon and diora togo

    WTF…. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! GAH! So happy for them!

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    That sad moment you realize you abandoned your fanfiction over 2 years ago and never finished it… and there were at least 10 reviews for the last chapter posted. I feel awful… my followers are in for a big surprise, =).

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    I don’t care what my friends say about me… I fucking LOVED Peter Pan on OUAT. LOVEDDDDDD….

    I don’t care what my friends say about me… I fucking LOVED Peter Pan on OUAT. LOVEDDDDDD….

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    Fergie and Jimmy Fallon dancing to the Kids Incorporated theme song!

    The fact that this happened…. so many feels. gah!

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    I ship Kili and Tauriel…. There! I’ve said it!

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